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There are so many NFT projects which are simply selling "clout" or the concept of a community - while each project has it's own pros and cons. We have been in the NFT space since inception, we've seen projects come and go and we want to create something with real utility!

We are creating a brand which will be expanded into a universe. We will also be developing a TCG, a real world game, merchandise and several comics/stories. We will be working with our partners to get these turned into a show (An anime style saga based on different parts of our story). These assets will be proportionally owned and we will be setting up a DAO [Decentralised Autonomous Organisation] of which profits will be shared to members of our community. ​


Meaning as we get bigger we give back more to those who've supported us. However, we understand the importance of immediate rewards, so we will be working on two main avenues: BEASTCOIN & BEASTCLUB. The Beastcoin will be our own crypto coin issued to those who purchase our NFTs, airdropped after the release of our first collection. We will be allocating 0.5% of the coins to our members of the initial drop, with 99.5% being held by the company, meaning we can burn off coins if required to limit inflation. Additionally this means we have a strong amount of coins held to allocate for future drops. We have designed our coin as a RBP [reward based protocol] as opposed to a form of cryptocurrency, however as we grow this may change, but the initial purpose of the coin will be to internally purchase merchandise at directly at a lower price, along with using coins as tokens to enter competitions and give-aways.

Beastclub will be a members only club with signup being airdropped to our members, we will be partnering with a number of businesses; food, clothing, along with other DLC based content, streaming services and other partnership programs to ensure we reward our members well. We will also be regularly adding new businesses to this, which means there will be constant rewards. Obviously when a secondary transaction occurs we will need to allow membership for this as well and we are working with our development team to ensure we have an easy way to reward new members of our community.​​