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Your character your way

We’ve designed it so that your NFT becomes your pass to our world; we want our collection to be something so much more than just another PFP NFT collection, so we have made sure that we give our supporters the ability to really dive into their character. We have designed Beastlike as a multi-faceted brand and ensured that our characters (or should we say your characters), truly stand the test of time.


The idea behind Beastlike came originally from gaming, whether it be table top, or card games, online, DND or really anything you can think of. We found that every game had different characters; your DND character you couldn't take online, your deck of magic cards weren't compatible with your Warhammer army and your favourite online character you couldn't bring to life... So we thought, why not have one character you could develop and bring to life in your DND games, you could build a deck around and use as your avatar, you could bring online and you could have something truly special and personal.

So we have created our NFTS to be more than just a digital token, so much more. We are already working on developing a full range of 3D models, we have released 8 so far and made these available to download for free, along with our amazing maps, DND campaigns and character sheets; all free. Upon our first mint we will be releasing three different models for each Beast type, terrain and darkness models along with several additional DND campaigns; all of these assets we will make freely available to everyone not just people who support our project. With those who do support the project and own one of our NFTs you’ll be the first to be able to access our open world game, along with our private DND dungeon rooms.

We’ve developed an amazing card game along which we have started beta testing and after we mint one of our first focuses will be expanding on this along with everything else we are offering to our amazing supporters. ​ ​ Click below to download our amazing DND assets including our 3D models. ​